Elk Grove Honda

“We can always count on Ramos Oil. Anytime we need them, they're right there with product and Service. They always keep us informed on changes that may occur and we appreciate their friendly staff. Great customer service is important to us and they always provide it! ”

California Northern Railroad

“Serving us, the railroad, for over 21 years! They provide fuel for all our locomotives spread out over 250 miles. They also provide lube oil for our trains and environmental services. They are #1 in customer service and we have a great relationship with them!"”

Jack's Towing

“As a fleet operator, Ramos has my needs covered. They have numerous CFN locations in California and nationwide. They can help me manage my fleet 24-7 with a live system that provides fast, efficient, daily reporting of all the fuel we use.”

Angel's Camp Shell

“Great service and communication! Helping us run 24 hours a day”

Yeung Farms

“Always reliable, always on time, never surprised!”

Bastiao Farms

“The Bastiao Farm family has been a customer of Ramos Oil for the past three generations. We have received excellent service and products from Ramos Oil. We have enjoyed a great working relationship over the years and continue to look forward to many more years.”

-Martin's Dusters

“A man might take for granted the good that Ramos Oil is. You just expect them to pamper you. Kind of like your parents and grandparents. Just pickup the phone and your a King! Just get around them and you're "somebody" for a few moments. Ramos Oil, the Ramos's, have a nack for making you feel like you're their biggest customer. "Ramos Oil, can I help you?" Service Service Service. Ramos Oil.”

Ramos Oil

“There is no better testimonial than the number of present customers that have been with the company since 1951”