We are a licensed PUC carrier available for bulk fuel/petroleum transfer for California and Nevada. Our fleet of transports and bobtail trucks specialize in delivering fuel to underground and aboveground storage tanks, pumps, and construction equipment. We haul hundreds of loads every day to our customers safely and efficiently. SEE WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING!
licensed PUC carrier available for bulk fuel/petroleum transfer

Safety and Compliance

At Ramos Oil Company, we uphold safety as one of our main concerns. It is our goal to ensure a safe working environment at all times and to maintain a consistent training program for all workers, new and old. Through regular tailgate meetings, safety committees and inspections, we aspire to make our workplace as safe as possible for all of our employees.

We feel that to be successful in our goals, safety must be viewed as a team effort. The participation of every employee is needed for us to be the best. It is our commitment to encourage all employees to practice good safety habits, to follow all appropriate procedures, and to know the importance of keeping aware of surroundings. As a team player, each employee assists in keeping our workplace safe.

Following proper procedures, lifting correctly, keeping aware and alert, cleaning up clutter and alerting a supervisor of a potential safety hazard are just some of the components to keeping our workplace safe and reducing the risk of accidents to everyone involved.


  1. Always remain alert, aware and informed;
  2. Report all potential safety hazards to your supervisor;
  3. Report all accidents, no matter how minor, to your supervisor;
  4. Never take unnecessary risk;
  5. If you are unsure, STOP and ask for assistance.


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